Bolo and his two best friends in Madagascar


  • Did you know 80% of the world’s vanilla comes from the Sava region in Madagascar? Bolo tells us what it’s like “Vanilla farming is very important for my community. You can smell its fragrance. Once the vanilla is harvested, it smells good.”
  • But being a vanilla farmer can be a difficult life. A whole crop can be wiped out in a day by extreme weather, decimated by disease, fire or even stolen. But Bolo tries not to worry about these things. “I’m not stressed. I keep calm and cool. This is how I farm vanilla, I do it with all my heart.”
  • Bolo learnt how to farm vanilla through Unilever and Save the Children’s ‘Vanilla for Change’ programme. The programme provides training for young people, helps them get a fair price for their crop and makes sure they have essentials like health insurance and back up crops.
  • Inspired by Bolo’s life, in this book you’ll meet Bolo’s friends and find out what Bolo does when a disaster hits his community’s crops.