• “If you have a woods near you, take a walk there, maybe play in there for a bit. And maybe get something like a board game or something like that to help you cope.” Lincoln, 11, Sheffield
  • “Resilience is the thing I've learned from my children the most,” says single mum Kerry. “They have just got on and embraced this situation.” Like other children, Isha, 7, and Lincoln, 11, have struggled with being out of school and separated from their friends, but they have found some ingenious ways to keep those friendships alive. Kerry explains: “Isha has got a friend who she videocalls every day for a couple of hours, and what they do is they get their dolls and they play!”
  • This book is inspired by one family’s experience of lockdown in the English city of Sheffield. The woods at the end of Lincoln’s street are the perfect place for an adventure. During a long summer of family walks, Lincoln, his little sister Isha and their big dog Lola start exploring the woodland, and find something they never expected!