• Munni, lives in a slum community on the outskirts of Patna, India. Her family belongs to one of India’s most marginalized communities, where the people are known as Musahars. Many Musahar girls are married young and never set foot in a classroom. Munni thought she would be no different.
  • But with some support, Munni’s mum stepped in and made sure her daughter went to school. This experience lit a passionate spark in the 14 year old. She set up her own classes after school for local women to learn to read, write and speak for themselves. “If we have education, then we must give it to our brothers and sisters who are illiterate,” she explains.
  • “Now 20 women come to me for teaching!” says Munni. “They’ve all learned to write their name.” The women also learn about money, health and vaccinations. Munni is changing her entire community. Every day she inspires women and girls like her to take their place in the classroom and make their mark on the world.