• “My name is Rudi, I am 9 years old and I’m from Mexico. Me and my family, we are Mayas.” Rudi, 9, Mexico
  • This book, and it’s main character Rolo, was inspired by the life of Rudi, aged 9, who lives with his family in a Mayan community village in Yucatan state, Mexico. Rudi has a pet bird called Tonti who he adores and can often be seen with him perched on his shoulder or on his head! Rudi loves Mayan culture and pays close attention to what the grown-ups around him are doing, “I watch my mum cooking, because what she cooks is very tasty. That is why I see the recipes and write them down.” He is also learning how to make wooden toys from his grandpa.
  • When Rudi’s village is damaged in a storm, everyone knows how to help except him. So, with a little help from his grandpa and pet chicken Tonti, Rudi sets off on a mission to find his special skill…What could go wrong?