• Seima lives in a floating village on Tonle Sap lake, Cambodia. The lake is home to millions of fish, colonies of nesting birds, and rare Siamese crocodiles. Over a million people also live on the lake. Most families make their living through fishing. “My father doesn’t let me go fishing,” says Seima. “I can’t swim well enough and this season the water is high so only the big children go.”
  • Water shapes the lives of people in Cambodia, but climate change and extreme weather make life increasingly uncertain. “I get afraid that a big storm will destroy my house,” says Seima. “My parents hug me to calm me down.” Seima travels to school on a boat driven by her teacher. “I love teacher Roth the most,” she says. “She’s kind because she makes me knowledgeable.”
  • Save the Children makes sure children in Cambodia’s remotest corners get an education – their best chance of a bright future. “When I grow up,” Seima told us, “I want to be a teacher, a nurse and a doctor!”. In this month’s book as a storm hits the village, Seima shows us you’re never too small to save the day…