Sofia standing in front of a colorful curtain at home and smiling


  • This book is based on the experiences of Venezuelan refugee and migrant families. Widespread violence and economic turmoil have forced 3 million people to leave Venezuela to other South American countries including Colombia and Peru. Because they make these huge journeys by foot they are called ‘caminantes’ which means ‘walkers’.
  • To help children and families manage all the very difficult changes, Save the Children has launched a humanitarian response program in cities like Lima. The means we can give families cash payments so they can afford the basics. But Valeria’s* son Luis* (11) and his siblings have big dreams. He wants to go to the school prom, and his parents long to return home to Venezuela and regain the life they lived before. His mum Valeria says: “I want to go back to Venezuela. I just want things to get better. Hope and faith are the last thing you lose.”
  • Life at a new school is hard. It’s even harder when your new school is in a new country. When Sofia and her family leave Venezuela for a new life, she’s not sure things will ever be the same. Will she find friends in her new home? Will she play the guitar again? Find out in Sofia and Los Caminantes…