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Discover a series of blogs on our main Save the Children website, which are about giving children a say on the issues that affect them — an important part of our work. We’ve invited children from a number of countries to be part of our Children’s Panel. We’ve committed ourselves to giving its members a say in what we do and how we do it. As part of that work, we also aim to give children a greater role in our programmes. Last year, we helped 15,000 children in Bangladesh raise their voices about the inequity in healthcare and nutrition in the country.

Rosni and the Hundred Hungry Goats

Our Wonderbook story about Rosni and the Hundred Hungry Goats is a real life story of two sisters in Sylhet, Bangladesh, where poverty and malnutrition are huge problems. Like the hungry goats in the book, the girls are hungry for education. With the help of Save the Children’s Suchana programme, girls like these can learn about farming animals and making their own money to pay for school tuition. By signing up to our children’s subscription books, you too will help girls like Rosni to go to school!
Rosni and the Hundred Hungry Goats
A book about empowering girls in Bangladesh to farm and pay for their own school fees.
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