• This story is based on the lives of children and families in the Somali region of Ethiopia. Many families in this remote area belong to pastoralist communities. That means they depend on their animals for their livelihood, and move from place to place in search of water.
  • In partnership with GSK, Save the Children is strengthening important parts of the health system in the Somali region to increase vaccination coverage. Health workers trained by Save the Children, like Ifra (pictured), walk for hours to bring vaccinations to communities.
  • Now all of mum Rukia’s children are vaccinated and Rukia is advocating for other mums to have their children vaccinated. “Now the problems are decreasing…When diseases come to the community, my children are not affected because they are vaccinated,” she says.
  • This book tells the story of one adventurous toddler who, off on an adventure in the Ethiopian desert, is at risk of missing her important vaccination!